viva italiano


Vita Italiana

アートディレクション 加藤勝也
ISBN 978-4-89610-828-6
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Vita Italiana
Tetsuro Goto

3,240JPY|210×258㎜|48 Pages|hard cover
Art Direction Katsuya Kato

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ーbrilliant in monochromeー

It was almost a mystery to me that I had no opportunities to visit Italy, although I kept a vague desire in mind, in those forty and more years since I started photography while I could see more than thirty countries for both business and personal trips.

In 2009 I finally could travel around northern and central Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence and their vicinities. The beautiful cities fascinated me so deeply. I have been under the spell of Italy’s allure since then.

Blocks of historic edifices and stone paved streets weaving through, people’s daily life and the hustle and bustle of cities—I treasured all unforgettable scenes in black and white films.

I am happy and honored to have this occasion to show you the colorful aspects of Italy I found more vivid in the monochrome prints.

--brillante in monochromo--

Mi risulta alquanto misterioso il fatto di non aver avuto occasione di visitare l’Italia, nonostante che ne avessi avuto un vago desiderio in mente nel corso di oltre 40 anni, a partire da quando ho iniziato la mia attività di fotografo, durante la quale ho avuto modo di visitare più di 30 Paesi, sia per motivi di lavoro che per interessi personali.

Nel 2009 sono finalmente riuscito a viaggiare nell’Italia del nord (Milano e Venezia) e nell’Italia centrale (Firenze e dintorni). Tutte queste belle città mi hanno colpito a un punto tale da essere, fin da allora, totalmente affascinato dall’Italia.

Gli aspetti degli edifici storici, le strade lastricate in pietra che vi passano in mezzo, la vita quotidiana, l’attività frenetica delle città : tutte scene indimenticabili che ho ripreso su pellicola in bianco e nero.

Sono lieto e onorato di aver questa opportunità di mostrarvi gli aspetti pittoreschi dell‘Italia che mi sono sembrati più vividi in stampe monocromatiche.


「The Art of Photography Show 2013」(サンディエゴ)に作品入選
「Photobookshow 2014」(ブライトン、イギリス) に作品集入選
公益社団法人 日本広告写真家協会(APA)正会員

○1988年(S63年)「旅からのメッセージ」 大阪 コダックフォトサロンにて  
○2000年(H21年)「a Book」 大阪 フジフォトサロン にて  
○2009年(H21年)「Pacific Breeze」 東京 ギャラリー イー • エム西麻布にて  
○2013年(H25年)「West Coast 1980〜」 大阪  ブルームギャラリーにて

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Tetsuro Goto was born in Hyogo, Japan. When he graduated from the Photography Department of the Art College, Nippon University in 1976 he started his professional carrier at SASAKI STUDIO.
He won the APA award two times and the first prize of A Barefoot Travel To The South Pacific contest.
Tetsuro has been a photographer of AZ-Visycom Co., Ltd. since 1980. He is going to become a freelancer in autumn of 2014.
He was a major photographer for the renowned Kanebo swimwear model campaigns in 1999, 2001 and 2002.
Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle and Near East gave him precious opportunities for photo shooting.
His works has been selected for the yearly Advertising Photography in Japan several times. Recent publications of Tetsuro include the photo-essay, The Island Still So Close To Paradise.
His works are accepted and shown in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of Photographers’ File, issued extra for the Commercial Photo magazine.
A regular member of the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association(APA).
*Az-Visycom was consolidated as ORANGE Co., Ltd. in 2006.

Personal exhibitions
Message From A Traveler (Osaka, 1988)
A Book (Osaka, 2000)
Pacific Breeze (Tokyo, 2009)
West Coast 1980 〜 (Osaka, 2013)
Recent acceptances and shows
The Art of Photography Show 2013 (San Diego, USA)
Photobookshow 2014 (Brighton, England)

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