Tombstone Pile Driver


Tombstone Pile Driver

Tombstone Pile Driver” 
Osamu Kanemura Photobook 

予価4,400円(税込)|280×210㎜|32ページ+カバー|中綴じ |
デザイン 伊野耕一

4,400JPY|280×210㎜|32 Pages+Cover | Saddle stitch book binding
Designer : Koichi Ino

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Osamu Kanemura
Tokyo based Artist / Photographer, Film maker

1964 -Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1993 -Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography, Yokohama, Japan.
1997 -Received the New Photographer Prize, the Photographic Society of Japan Award.
1997 -Received the New Photographer Prize, the 13th Higashikawa International Photography Festival.
2000 -Received the 19th Ken Domon Prize.
2014 -Received the 39th Nobuo Ina Prize.

2022 -‘Sold Out Artist,’ CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY, Tokyo, Japan.
2022 -‘God Only Speed Knows,’ IG Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2021 -‘Looper Syndicate,’ dieFirma, New York, the USA.
2021 -‘Lead-palsy Terminal,’ Alt_Medium, Tokyo, Japan.
2020 -‘Copyright Liberation Front,’ The White, Tokyo, Japan.
2019 -‘Voodoo Doughnut,’ gallery 176, Osaka, Japan.
2019 -‘Suck Social Stomach,’ IG Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2018 -‘Marshmallow Brain Wash,’ ‘Killing Agent,’ HIJU GALLERY, Osaka, Japan.
2018 -‘Shrimp Cocktail President,’ The White, Tokyo, Japan.
2018 -‘Do not resuscitate,’ MUNO, Aichi, Japan.
2018 -‘Living Dead Suicide,’ RAINROOTS, Aichi, Japan.
2016 -‘Successive Sliding of Pleasure,’ Only Photography, Berlin, Germany.
2016 -‘Buddha Virus Suicide Attack,’ The White, Tokyo, Japan.
2015 -‘System Crash for Hi-Fi,’ The White, Tokyo, Japan.
2014 -‘Ansel Adams Stardust (You are not alone),’ Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo (Exhibition of the award-winning work of the 39th Nobuo Ina Prize, traveling to Osaka Nikon Salon in 2015), Japan.
2014 -‘Nothing was Delivered,’ Void+, Tokyo, Japan.
2014 -‘Come to life again,’ Gallery Q, Tokyo, Japan.
2014 -‘Ansel Adams stardust (You are not alone),’ Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo. Osaka Nikon Salon, Osaka, Japan.
2014 -‘Eiyou-bunsekihyou,’ The White, Tokyo, Japan.
2013 -‘Hindenburg Omen,’ photographers’ gallery, KULA PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan.
2012 -‘Howling Smack Wolf,’ photographers’ gallery, KULA PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan.
2012 -‘HUMAN NOISE AMPLIFIER,’ BLD Gallery, Tokyo.
2011 -‘Kawasaki Brötzmann 2002-2007,’ Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Kanagawa, Japan.
2011 -‘Alice In Butcher Land,’ photographers’ gallery, KULA PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 -‘White Rabbit Opium Dream,’ Broiler Space, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 -‘Korean Route,’ Place M + Mini Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 -‘Uncle Zyanose Meat,’ GALLERY mestalla, Tokyo, Japan.
2010 -‘Butterfly Sandwich,’ Ogu Mag, Tokyo, Japan.
2010 -‘Sunny Side of Suicide,’ Broiler Space, Tokyo, Japan.
2009 -‘China White,’ Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan.
2008 -‘Spider’s Strategy,’ GunGallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
2007 -‘Dante Lobster,’ void+, Tokyo, Japan.
2007 -‘My Name is Shockhammer,’ Port Gallery T, Osaka, Japan.
2007 -‘Spider’s Strategy,’ Cohen Amador Gallery, New York, the USA.
2005 -‘Chinese Rocks,’ Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan.
2004 -‘13th Floor Elevator over the Hill,’ Chukyo University Art Gallery C-Square, Nagoya, Japan.
2003 -‘Suzy Cream Oil Cheese,’ White Cube Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.
2002 -‘Stravinsky Overdrive,’ Hippolyte Photographic Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2000 -‘Black Parachute Ears 1999,’ Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo (The 19th Ken Domon Prize Exhibition), Japan.
1999 -‘Colored Air Blood Black 1999,’ Viewing Room Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan.
1999 -‘Black Parachute Ears 1991-1999,’ Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa, Japan.
1999 -‘Someday O.K. Prince will Come,’ Gallery Q & Q-S, Tokyo, Japan.
1998 -‘All The Needles on are Red,’ Viewing Room Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan.
1996 -‘Keihin Machine Soul,’ Works H., Kanagawa, Japan.
1995 -‘Tokyo Swing,’ Yoshii Gallery, New York, the USA.
1995 -‘Today’s Japan,’ Konica Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.
1994 -‘Crashlanding in Tokyo’s Dream,’ Spirit Square Center for Arts and Education, Loch Walker Gallery, North Carolina, the USA.
1993 -‘Crashlanding in Tokyo’s Dream,’ Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan.