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アートディレクション 町口景(マッチ&カンパニー)

用紙:本文 ニューエイジ/四六 135kg 
   表紙 エコラシャ(黒)/四六 100kg(箔押加工)
   見返 エコラシャ(黒)/四六 100kg

Sakiko Nomura

8,640JPY|255×225㎜|72 Pages|hard cover
300 copies with serial number and signature
Art Director Hikari Machiguchi(MATCH & Company)


2013年11月に刊行しました『hotel pegasus』についで2冊目の写真集となります。常に作品を作り続けている野村佐紀子の息づかいがするような写真集作りを目指しています。

We are proud to present Sakiko Nomura’s new photo-book “sex/snow”.
Being the second in the series published from Libro Arte, this photo-book is composed of images of male nude, the very main theme in Nomura’s artistic career, and snowscape.
Her images captures love stories of the two making certain of their warmth each other, and snowscapes implying their love would melt away.
A sense of fragility and ephemerality of floating world is portrayed there.
This is the second photo-book following “hotel pegasus” published in November 2013.
We aim to make Nomura’s experienced artistic sensibility be grasped by the viewer in these photo-books.


’93年より東京中心にヨーロッパ、アジアなどでも精力的に展覧会をおこなう。主な写真集に「裸ノ時間(平凡社)」「愛ノ時間(BPM)」「黒猫(t.i.g)」「tsukuyomi(match&company)」「夜間飛行(リトルモア)」「黒闇(akio nagasawa publishing)」「nude/a room/flowers(match&company)」「hotel pegasu」等がある。

born 1967 in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture: lives in Tokyo:
1990 graduated from the Department of Photography,Kyushu Sangyo University,Fukuoka.
since 1991 works for Nobuyoshi Araki and then started as an independent photographer.

1994 A Room for Naked, Art Room
1997 Time for Naked, Heibonsha
1999 A RIpple in the Silence, Yamaguchi Prefecture Museum
2000 Time of Love, BPM
2002 A black Cat, t.i.g
2005 Tsukuyomi, MATCH and Company
2006 Ryohie Kondo, MATCH and Company
2008 Night Flight, Little More
2008 Black Darkness, Akio Nagasawa Publishing
2012 0616 23:36, Privatery published
2012 NUDE|A Room| FLOWERS, MATCH and Company
2013 hotel pegasus, LibroArte