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Yasushi Mori Photobook “Dear hattori"

4,400(税込)|140×220㎜|128ページ |ソフトカバー+リベット止め
デザイン:Bureau Kayser

Yasushi Mori Photobook “Dear Hattori"
4,400JPY(tax included)|140×220㎜|128 pages|Soft cover+ Livet
Designer: Bureau Kayser


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森康志 」(テキストより抜粋)

Five years have passed since the publication of “Hey! Hattori’’, which captivated cat lovers around the world, and we are now publishing our second book, “Dear Hattori’'. Photographer Yasushi Mori's family has expanded with the birth of two children, and he has been photographing the daily lives of his family. There was always a cat, Hattori, in the center. This photo book is a love story between Hattori and his children.

"Ten years have passed since Hattori the cat and I came across each other.
He doesn't look much different now, but when I watch him playing and then see him getting tired and falling asleep sooner than he used to, I notice that he is getting old.
Hattori was born in Futaba Town in Fukushima Prefecture where people are still not allowed to go due to the effects of the nuclear power plant accident.
There are times when I look at Hattori from behind as he is gazing intently out the window and I am overwhelmed by feelings I am unable to properly express or release.

Hattori is looking out the window again today and things passing by are reflected in his eyes.
Those blue eyes reflecting the setting sun are lonely, beautiful, and, more than anything, very dear.
All I can do is capture his endearing form in photographs, but the emotions I feel that have nowhere to go are eased just a little by the sight of children picking up and holding Hattori out of the spontaneous and straightforward expression of their pure and innocent emotions.

Hattori and I are unable to talk to each other. But that is exactly why I can let the emotions I feel come and go in the part of my heart that is like an empty space. Once in a while, when I look at Hattori, I can see myself in him more clearly than I would in my own child.

Life with its unexpected twists and turns is fleeting and soon gone.
Joy and sorrow, overwhelming emotions flow through the heart and disappear in an instant. I want to continue capturing in photographs the dearness that eyes reflect and is left to drift away.

Yasushi Mori”(Excerpt from the text)


Tomohide Ikeya

写真スタジオ勤務を経て、半沢健 氏に師事後、写真家として独立。

グループ展:「fotofever 2018」 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
      「Neko Project」 IBASHO gallery, Antwerp /Galerie ARGENTIC, Paris
               La Fontaine Obscure, Aix en Provence / Olivier Bourgoin, Marseille
受賞歴:Neko Project 最優秀賞

1980 Born in Kanagawa, Japan.
Completed the Master Program of Fine Arts Graduate School in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
After Assisted for Takeshi Hanzawa, Started his career as a freelance photographer.
Solo Exhibition :2018「Hey! Hattori」Kichijoji gallery ,Tokyo
Group Exhibition :「fotofever 2018」 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
         「Neko Project」 IBASHO gallery, Antwerp / Galerie ARGENTIC, Paris/
                  La Fontaine Obscure, Aix en Provence / Olivier Bourgoin, Marseille
Awards received:Won the Grand Prize of Neko Project