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『Dust and Ability』予約販売(2022年9月30日まで)

“Dust and Ability” Pre-Order (Until September 30, 2022)
Koji Kitagawa Photobook 

定価3,300円(税込)|297×210㎜|32ページ|中綴じ | 300冊限定
デザイン 伊野耕一

3,300JPY|297×210㎜|32 Pages | Hard Cover binding | Limited to 300 copies
Designer : Koichi Ino

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Dust and Ability


A photobook composed of two works, "Dust" and "Ability", the latest works created by processing photographs of flowers blooming in the streets of Tokyo and self-portraits taken in Paris with a unique interpretation.



2016年に彼らは、出版レーベル「spewedition」(現在休止中)をスタート。写真集出版、ライブパフォーマンス、インスタレーションなど、写真をベースに多岐に渡る活動を続ける。北川は「spew」の活動休止後も、自費で写真集出版、海外での個展など活動を続けてきた。2021年にはフランスの出版社「AREA BOOKS」より『PHOTOGRAPHY』を刊行する。

Koji Kitagawa

Lived in Tokyo.
Together with Daisuke Yokota and Naohiro Udagawa, launched the photography unit Spew.
In 2016, they started the publishing label "spewedition" (currently dormant). Based on photography, they continues to engage in a wide range of activities, including publication of photobooks, live performances, and installations. Kitagawa has continued his activities such as publishing a photobook at his own expense and holding solo exhibitions overseas even after the "spew" activity was suspended. In 2021, "PHOTOGRAPHY" was published by the French publisher "AREA BOOKS".